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Press Center

We continuously improve our services to the benefit of our clients and customers. Here are some recent announcements. Check back often for more cutting-edge thinking and information about CyberScout.

Press Center

Septembre 12, 2019
Expert: CyberScout
les affaires

A statistic reported by CyberScout stating that nearly 70% of security incidents measured were related to human error was cited by Les Affaires in an article about the threat of workplace phishing scams. 

Septembre 7, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin

CyberScout chairman and founder Adam Levin was a guest on MSNBC's AM Joy where he discussed the voting machine irregularities reported in a Mississippi county and the need for election security and evaluation.

Septembre 3, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin
Money magazine

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin was featured in a Money magazine article about the dangers of allowing Google's Chrome web browser to save and store credit card information. 

"Autofilling or being receptive to what you think is an institution you trust or do business with could get you into a little bit of trouble," Levin said. 

Août 29, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin
Good Morning America

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin was interviewed on Good Morning America regading the privacy issues of Amazon Ring's partnership with over 400 police departments. 

Août 27, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin
The Hill

CyberScout chairman and founder Adam Levin's editorial on election security was featured on The Hill.

"Some experts think it may soon be too late to secure 2020 against the threat of state-sponsored hacks. I do not," Levin wrote. "But I think the time to delay to score political points has passed, and now is the time for action."

Août 21, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin spoke with about phishing tactics targeting the legal profession.

Août 9, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin
Business Insider

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin spoke with Business Insider about the relative risks and benefits of using credit cards.

"The great thing about using credit cards as opposed to debit cards is that with a credit card, it's their money," Levin said.

Août 5, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin discussed Facebook's cryptocurrency launch with Kiplinger.

"They are not rolling out Libra for philanthropic reasons," Levin said. "They are trying to find additional ways to scoop up information about people’s habits."

Août 1, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin

CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin shared tips with MarketWatch on what questions to ask companies before providing them with personal info. 

“Any organization should have a clear understanding of what they collect and should be transparent," said Levin.

Juillet 31, 2019
Expert: Adam Levin

Finance site featured CyberScout founder and chairman Adam Levin in an article about the Equifax data breach settlement.

"No good fraudster ever allowed a breach or disaster to go by without trying to find ways to use it as an opportunity," Levin said. 


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