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CyberScout is the nation’s premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services.


Septembre 21, 2018

CyberScout HQ has released a commercial for its services online - see it here, or online at Youtube!

Septembre 20, 2018
email server breach

An email server containing “sensitive but unclassified” data belonging to the State Department was breached, the government agency announced earlier this month. The information included personally identifiable information of an undisclosed number of employees who have since been notified.

While the breach itself is relatively minor, it highlights the relative lack of progress made by the department to enact more rigorous...

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Septembre 19, 2018

Student loan fraud occurs when identity thieves obtain personal information and use it to apply for federal student loans and Pell grants. It can happen to anyone, whether you attend college or not. College students are four times more likely than other groups to have their identity stolen by people they know, including roommates, family members, and friends.[1] Phishing email attacks are also on the rise at colleges.[2]


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Septembre 19, 2018

Email systems used by some county election officials lack rudimentary security settings and are vulnerable to hacking, according to a recent survey conducted by the nonprofit investigative newsroom, ProPublica.

Propublica’s findings include eleven offices protected by only a login and password. Election security best practices suggest 2-Factor...

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Septembre 17, 2018
Children's app

New Mexico’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against a popular children’s app developer as well as Google and Twitter’s online ad platforms for allegedly violating the privacy of children under the age of 13, the New York Times has reported.

The app named in the lawsuit, Fun Kid Racing and its developer, Tiny Lab Productions, are accused of sharing the data of children with five separate online advertising companies. If proven in court, this...

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Septembre 13, 2018

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and it seems like EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker feels we’ve entered the dire zone when it comes to extremist content. He’s called for a fine penalizing websites that allow extremist content on their platforms for longer than an hour.

In an annual State of the Union address, Juncker indicated that too little had been done in the three months internet firms had been given to remove radical posts in a...

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Les options de partenariat de CyberScout vous aident à protéger l’identité et les renseignements personnels de vos souscripteurs, clients, membres et employés. Découvrez comment un programme adapté peut aider à accroître la fidélisation envers la marque, à conserver les membres et à produire rapidement des recettes ordinaires à long terme.

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