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Mars 19, 2018

What does the U.S. Department of Defense have in common with local town councils spread out all over the United Kingdom?

On any given day, both are under siege, on the receiving end of withering cyberattacks. For instance, on a daily basis the Department of Defense detects and repels around 36 million ...

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Mars 16, 2018
Oil facility

The New York Times reported this week on a hacking attempt at a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia last August that sought to physically sabotage the facilities and trigger an explosion. This represents a potentially alarming new trend in cyber attacks where the goal isn’t to steal information or gain control of a system, but rather to cause actual damage to people and property.

Utilizing hacking as a means of industrial sabotage isn’t necessarily new;...

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Mars 15, 2018
Headphones spying on computer

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev made a startling discovery that may change the way cybersecurity is handled in the future. One standard precaution to safeguard data is to store it on an air-gapped device. That’s IT-speak for a machine that is never connected to the Internet or any other machine or network that’s connected to it.

The same team at Ben-Gurion University has made it their business to...

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Mars 12, 2018
Tax refund fraud

For many people, knowing a tax refund is on the way can be a big relief, an exciting treat, or both. And the sooner the refund arrives the better.

For victims of tax identity theft, however, the wait can drag on for almost a year. Not to mention they may have to deal with a lot of red tape to get what’s rightfully theirs. That’s why it’s critical to understand:

How tax-related identity theft works How to reduce chances of becoming a victim What to...
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Mars 9, 2018

Unless you live in a pineapple under the sea with a talking sponge, you’re probably familiar with the never-ending parade of cute animal pictures sent by text and email—friend to friend, email list to subscriber—and everywhere you look on social media. Hackers are counting on that.

You’re no fool. You keep current on the news—specifically with regard to cyber security. You...

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Mars 7, 2018

new report reveals a stunning level of apathy about cybersecurity among businesses in five nations under continuous attack by ...

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